TruPay Payroll Services is your trusted partner for outsourcing all your payroll requirements, allowing you to focus on your business.  We provide you with total peace of mind that your organisation’s payroll is secure, tax and PoPI compliant and expertly handled by our team of payroll professionals.

An inefficient payroll system has far reaching consequences for all businesses regardless of the number of employees. Inaccuracies can impact staff morale, affect the Protection of Personal information Act (PoPI) compliance and ultimately an organisation’s bottom line.

There is a global shift for organisations to move away from payroll administrators and rather outsource this area of the business. The need for confidentiality, compliance and secure practice has become vitally important to the successful operation of any business and a deficient payroll department can unhinge this.

Payroll is not your core business but, as a TruPay client we are able to ensure your payroll function is managed with cutting-edge infrastructure and, at a reduced cost, as clients no longer need to manage a payroll department – hiring of staff, training teams and purchasing software programmes aren’t required.

TruPay provides an innovative technology solution that is professional and compliant. Our payroll resources provide clients with an automated, efficient, secure and confidential platform.

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TruPay is a solution for all payroll frustrations that companies employing five or more employees experience. Our cloud-based software is a reliable, secure and professional platform that manages all payroll functions.

An in-depth knowledge of PoPI and legislative compliance requirements for organisations operating in South Africa and Africa ensures we can seamlessly manage our clients’ payroll functions. The payroll department has historically experienced the highest fraud activity, from ghost employees to unauthorised payments.

TruPay limits payroll risks, as well as time and costs by ensuring confidentiality and legislative compliance.

TruPay provides clients with the following innovative payroll resources:

Monthly inputs, leave updates, new employee registration, employee terminations, etc.

EMP201, UIF declarations, PAYE, etc.

Pension, provident fund, medical aid, etc.

and electronic submission of payslips to employees.

Compiling monthly payroll reports for accounting purposes.

Compilation of bi-annual reconciliations

Generating annual reconciliations and IRP5 tax certificates

Generating annual reconciliations and IRP5 tax certificates

Coordinating of Workers Compensation and Letters of Good Standing

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